Pho Recipe

This recipe couldn’t be easier! Create your mouth watering broth in just a few simple steps.
SERVES 2 (To serve 4 use 2 bombs and double the ingredients)
  • 1 Pho Bomb
  • 1300ml water
  • 200g Rice noodles
  • 200g Sirloin, fillet or flank steak (you decide)
  • Beansprouts
  • Thai basil, coriander, thinly sliced onions
  • Sliced fresh chillis (optional)
  • Hoisin and Sriracha (optional)
  1. Bring water to a boil, reduce heat to medium/high
  2. Bombs away! (Pop the Bomb into your pot)
  3. Cover & simmer on a medium/low heat for 25 mins, stir occasionally.
  4. Slice your steak as thin as you can with a sharp knife (it’s easier to slice thinly when cold)
  5. Pop your noodles into the broth 5 minutes before the end
  6. Place your thinly sliced beef in your bowl and ladle the piping hot broth on top of the beef. This will cook your steak to medium rare. Pile on your garnishes and enjoy!
If you like your steak well done add to the broth a couple of minutes before it’s done
Beef Brisket (2.5 hours cooking time)
Take your beef brisket, add the water and Pho Bomb to a pot, put it on a low heat for 2.5 hours. 5 minutes before your broth is done, cook your noodles in a pan with boiling water for 3-4 minutes. Once the Brisket is falling apart, take it out and shred then add to your bowl  of noodles. Ladle on the broth, add your garnishes and enjoy!
I recommend uncooked and de-shelled prawns, scallops and mussels but add whatever you fancy! Follow steps 1-3. Five minutes before your broth is done, add your seafood to your broth and let it cook with your noodles. Once done, ladle your broth and other ingredients into your bowl and pile on the garnishes. Enjoy!
Follow steps 1 and 2, then add your chicken and let it cook until there is no pink left inside. Once cooked take the chicken out, shred it and add it back to the broth. Now add your noodles and let them cook for 5 minutes. Ladle everything into a bowl, add your garnishes and devour it all!
Veggie Enthusiasts
I recommend pak choi, baby corn, mushrooms and Tofu but you can add whatever vegetables that tickle your pickle! Add them to your simmering broth 5 minutes before it is done with your noodles. Once cooked, ladle everything in a bowl and pile on the garnishes - enjoy!