Our Story

Having been raised by Persian parents in the cultural melting pot of a city that is London, I’ve been blessed to grow up in a big foodie family and to have friends and family from all over the world. I got to know them, their cultures, and their rich histories through the magic of food. I spent time learning how to cook their prized dishes, passed down over generations, under their watchful eyes.

I’ve also been lucky enough to have traveled to some wonderful places around the world, eating my way through the continents and then coming home to recreate the dishes for family and friends.

After a stint in North America for work, I became besotted with seafood boils. My love affair with this dish started back in 2016 when I walked into a restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, designed to look like a crab shack, with fishing nets and sea creatures hanging from the ceiling. Strewn on the table were glorious pieces of juicy prawns, succulent lobster tails, and plump potatoes, all being dunked into the most glorious-looking sauce—a deep lava-colored concoction of many spices, garlic, and herbs. The smell was intoxicating, and after that first bite, I was in love. I had to create and perfect the sauce back home so I could devour it whenever I wanted. Soon, it became one of my most requested dishes by family and friends.

After realizing the time and effort needed to make the sauce regularly, I packed all the flavours and ingredients into a flavor-filled globe that I could just pop into a pan with some butter and water without compromising on flavour. Flavour Bombs was born! It was quick, easy, and delicious, and now anyone could make it. This was the first Flavour Bomb I created, and it has led to where I am today.

Much like the seafood boil sauce, I soon realized that many of my favorite dishes were quite time-consuming to make, required a plethora of ingredients, could be challenging for those who had never made them before, and couldn't be found in supermarkets. I didn’t want this to be a hurdle for anyone, so I was on a mission to bring the flavours of the world to everyone who craved a taste of faraway lands, easily and authentically at home.

This is the philosophy of Flavour Bombs: minimal effort, maximum flavour.